Elwood Tradesmen
Elwood Tradesmen, a division of Elwood Staffing, recruits and places dedicated tradespeople whose experience and expertise drive the commercial construction, manufacturing, energy, and aerospace industries.

About Us

We deliver employment solutions that meet the needs of employers and job seekers. Discover how our experience lays the groundwork for your success.

Elwood Tradesmen, backed by Elwood Staffing's nearly 44 years of staffing experience, supplies the people, programs, and technologies that lay the groundwork for our clients' success and provides the opportunities that allow job seekers to build on their experience.

We have immediate access to more than 200,000 prescreened trades professionals and place thousands with companies across the U.S. each year:

Industries Served

We partner with contractors to provide tradesmen for projects in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, civil construction, commercial construction, federal contracting/prevailing wage, heavy industrial, manufacturing, renewable energy, restoration, and retail.

Making the Right Match

We attract and retain trades professionals by offering competitive employee benefits and make the best match possible by considering the needs and goals of both parties and conducting a thorough, customizable prescreening which includes license/certification verification, in-office tool inspection, and skills testing.

Safety Partnership

Our safety and risk professionals specialize in partnering with clients to develop and enhance safety awareness and training programs that protect employees, assets, and resources, as well as profits.

Elwood Tradesmen's commitment to associate safety is also demonstrated by our participation in the American Staffing Association's Safety Standard of Excellence℠ (SSE) program. The SSE designation represents our dedication to ensuring our temporary workers are placed in safe work sites, receive proper training, and are able to safely perform their job functions.

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