Elwood Tradesmen
Elwood Tradesmen, a division of Elwood Staffing, recruits and places dedicated tradespeople whose experience and expertise drive the commercial construction, manufacturing, energy, and aerospace industries.


We seek personalized solutions for every client and refuse to compromise on quality—that's the Elwood Tradesmen difference.

Our staffing solutions meet short- and long-term needs and include strategic hiring options—contract, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire—as well as a full range of program offerings.

Trades Specialties

Our seasoned recruiters match a variety of skilled personnel with client projects throughout the United States. All of our tradesmen have their own tools commensurate with their degree of experience. We fill positions for:

Carpenters—we specialize in providing rough carpenters, finish carpenters, steel stud carpenters, framers, and pick-up framers. Journeymen-level professionals can read blueprints and assist with layout.

Concrete Workers/Cement Masons—we specialize in providing concrete formsetters and finishers on both commercial and industrial projects. We also supply concrete finishers experienced in various finishing techniques.

Drywallers—we specialize in providing production hangers and finishers with commercial and residential project experience. All hangers have a prequalified production rate based on sheets hung per hour. Our journeyman-level hangers can read blueprints and perform layout tasks.

Electricians—we specialize in providing licensed industrial and commercial electricians for renewable energy projects, industrial shutdowns, and plant maintenance, as well as tenant improvements and commercial projects of all types. Our electricians are familiar with lockout and tagout procedures.

Fitters—we specialize in providing fitters who work with both pipe and structural materials. All pipefitters have the experience and ability to fabricate and install all types of process piping systems for solids, liquids, and gases.

HVAC/Sheet Metal Tradesmen—we specialize in providing HVAC professionals for installation as well as service troubleshooting. All HVAC professionals have experience in sheet metal installation, shaping forms, and installing components such as flashing or ducts made of sheet metal.

Millwrights—we specialize in providing millwrights who are experienced in precision machine installation and assembly using sophisticated measuring and leveling instruments. Our millwrights have experience working in industries ranging from renewable energy, manufacturing, and construction to automotive, pulp and paper, and petrochemical.

Painters—we specialize in providing commercial and industrial journeymen painters who are experienced in a variety of product applications. Our painters work on projects that range from commercial buildings and industrial complexes to parking structures, municipalities, and government projects.

Plumbers—we specialize in providing industrial and commercial plumbers. Our plumbers are often licensed depending on state requirements. Journeymen plumbers can read blueprints, perform layout, and are familiar with code requirements.

Trade Helpers/Skilled Laborers—we specialize in providing construction helpers who
have a minimum of one year of job site experience and are pursuing a career within the construction trades. Our helpers possess an understanding of job site safety, materials, and expectations.

Welders—we specialize in providing shop welders as well as 2G, 3G, 4G, and 6G certified pipe and structural welders who have extensive experience working with steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Our prescreened welders maintain current certifications, verifying they are actively performing only the work in which they are skilled and qualified.

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