We are committed to using automated tools and processes whenever possible in order to create efficiency and ease of use for our clients and associates. This is especially true for time and attendance tracking.

The technology we use is Peoplenet, a web-based timekeeping system developed exclusively for use with a contingent workforce. Designed to make recording, approving, and managing time, attendance, and expenses as easy as possible, clients who utilize any component of the system find they can maintain greater control and accountability of personnel.

Benefits and features:

  • Reduced paperwork and time spent on timekeeping processes
  • Increased accuracy of payroll and invoicing
  • Variety of time capture solutions: PIN entry, biometric finger print, web, email
  • Email approval and notification for manager/supervisor level
  • Global dashboard view to monitor time management
  • Reporting structure to improve process - 85+ reports available
  • Simple to learn, easy to use

We have effectively used Peoplenet at many of our customers' sites. Clients need only have connectivity—either Internet or network-based—then choose the best time clock option and customizations to fit their needs.

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